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Rhino Rocks Stone Care

Rhino Rocks Restoration can clean and restore almost all types of flooring, from Yorkshire Stone, Limestone, Travertine, Sandstone, Marble through to Amtico, Karndeen and Laminates, through to Ceramic, Porcelain and Indian or Brazillian Slate floors. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the field and stay ahead of others by being flexible and accommodating to you our customer



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Brazilian Slate - Rhino Rocks

From maintenance clean, to a deep clean...from a complete strip and re-seal to the polishing of marble, here at rhino rocks we strive to provide a first class service to ALL of our customers. Simply because we have a passion for keeping your stone looking incredible just like it’s suppose to.  We can strip, clean and re-seal, as applicable, most types of stone and hard flooring, including Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Yorkshire Stone cleaning and restoration, Ceramic, Victorian Tiles, Granite, Indian Slate, Brazilian Slate, through to Amtico, Karndean, Laminate, Solid and Engineered Wood Floors.


For Carpets and soft furnishings see Rhino Carpet Care or Rhino Home Care..  


We will consider all projects, regardless of the size, type, age and condition of your flooring. However we also pride ourselves on quality of work and honesty, so we will discuss what can be achieved from the outset.


Kitchen Travertine Rhino Rocks

Family Run Company...


We are a local family run business that has been operating in the Yorkshire and Lancashire area for over 18 years specialising in Stone cleaning for the last 6 years. Our promise to you is that will always try our very best to deliver the results required to meet your standards in regards to the way your floor is cleaned to the type of finish you require. ALL of our products are natural, fresh and quick drying allowing us to achieve outstanding results that will wow our customers!!!



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Bathroom marble tiles floor and wall cleaned and re-sealed by Rhino Rocks

Sandstone flooring

Yorkshire stone before and after

A Cottage in Hebden Bridge was in major need of some restoration, the Yorkshire Sandstone flooring had been left for a few years without any attention, the owner contacted Rhino Rocks and the results make the front page of the website, amazing!!!

Yorkshire Stone Project

Yorkshire Stone Restoration, before and after.

A property in Lothersdale, the whole ground flooring is Yorkshire stone and required major restoration works prior to the owners moving in.

Rhino Rocks in action

Brazillian slate

Brazillian split slate flooring beautifully cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks Restoration for a delighted customer in Wakefield, notice the as new shine acheived by the finish applied.

Quarry Tiles

Rhino Rocks - Quarry tiles, stripped, cleaned and colour enhanced

Quarry tiles in a dining room, stripped back then cleaned and colour enhanced using a stone impregnator.

Rhino Rocks - Close up on the colour enhancer finish, bring back the natural colours

Flood damage York Stone, cleaned and restored

Flood damaged Yorkshire Stone restored by Rhino Rocks

Yorkshire stone flooring that had been flood damaged, Rhino Rocks managed to strip back all the salt contaminates and reseal flooring using a natural sealant, customer, building contractors, Damage Management Company, Insurance company delighted!

Indian Sandstone

Indian Sandstone, Rhino Rocks

Indian Sandstone kitchen flooring in Barrowford, stripped using Rhino Monster Brush, cleaned and re-sealed with natural stone sealant.


Karndeen floor, cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks

A Karndeen flooring throughout the ground flooring in a property in Otley, stripped, cleaned and re-sealed by Rhino Rocks, customer delighted.


Travertine flooring with Matt finish restored by Rhino Rocks

A Travertine flooring in Giggleswick, lovingly cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks, the seal used here is a matt natural finish, which highlights the natural colours in the stone.

Travertine gloss finish

York Stone Cleaned and colour enhanced

York stone colour enhanced by Rhino Rocks

York stone project in the Dales, the flooring is hundreds of years old and has probably never been cleaned professionally, we stripped back using the Rhino Monster Head, cleaned, enhanced and re-sealed to the customers delight.

Victorian tiles

Victorian tiles - Rhino Rocks

A hallway in York cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks, the customer had lifted a carpet and wanted to return her hallway to its former glory, the results were magnificent. The paint was removed from the edges, the floor was completely stripped, cleaned, impregnated and re-sealed.

Decorative Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen ceramic tiles cleaned by Rhino Rocks

Kitchen ceramic tiles in Upper Wharfedale cleaned after stripping off the seal with the new "Rhino Monster Brush", the tiles were then treated with 3 coats of impregnant to enhance the natural colours then a seal was applied to protect from stains and spillage.

Sandstone colour enhanced

Sandstone stripped and cleaned.

Sandstone flooring in a very old farm house, the new owners wanted to clean the floors and contacted Rhino Rocks who were delighted to help, notice the natural colours that have ben revealed after strip and clean.

Marble tiles

Rhino Rocks - Marble tiles

A Bathroom marble tiles, cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks for a customer in Preston

Indian Slate

Indian slate flooring cleaned by Rhino Rocks

A kitchen flooring in Indian slate cleaned and restored in the Yorkshire Dales National park, originally laid in the property over 10 years ago the house had been used as a busy holiday let, when the new owners employed Rhino Rocks to restore they were delighted with the results! 

Sealed Sandstone

Sandstone floor restored by Rhino Rocks

Sealed Sandstone flooring in Sowerby Bridge, cleaned and resealed using Rhino Rocks expertise.

Engineered wooden flooring

Engineered wood floor cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks

Engineered wood flooring, cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks

Linoleum flooring being cleaned

Rhino Rocks in action on Linoleum flooring

A very dirty Linoleum flooring being cleaned by a Rhino Rocks technician


Limestone flooring using gloss finish - Rhino Rocks

A very impressive Limestone flooring cleaned and re-sealed using a gloss seal.

Chinese Slate

Chinese Slate -Rhino Rocks

A beautiful Chinese slate flooring in Sowerby Bridge lovingly stripped, cleaned and hand sealed, results are magnificent, the picture really shows the result acheived.

Rhino Rocks Chinese Slate

Commercial Karndeen none slip flooring

Rhino Rocks Karndeen flooring cleaning

A Commercial grade Karndeen none slip safety flooring widely used in shops, cafe's and other commercial premises.  Usually just mopped or cleaned with over the counter cleaning products.  The finish acheived on this flooring in Leeds 7 was like chalk and cheese, customer delighted, job completed in time and well in budget!

Yorkshire Stone

Yorkshire Stone Restaurant slabs just finished - Rhino Rocks

A Cafe/restaurant in Skipton, Yorkshire Stone Slab flooring been down for years with a very robust self sealent that had failed years ago, we stripped using the "Rhino Monster Brush", cleaned and restored!  The picture shows "like new" flooring, customer delighted

Limestone Kitchen Flooring

Rhino Rocks Limestone flooring


A fabulous limestone kitchen flooring, which has been transformed back to its former glory by a very attentive Rhino Rocks Team of Technicians, House Keeper delighted, Customer delighted, RR Techs delighted.  It makes it all worthwhile when we achieve results like this!


Sandstone flooring

Sandstone cleaned and restored by Rhino Rocks

Sandstone flooring in a cottage in Keighley, the owners wanted the flooring restored back to its former glory after years of traffic, it was stripped back, cleaned and re-sealed by Rhino Rocks Stone Care team.  Notice the natural colours of the stone by the fireplace, revealed after years of being hidden.

Anti-Bacterial Floor Cleaning

Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaning - Ideal for all natural and ceramic tiles, in the home, office, schools, factory, nurseries, hospitals, shops, restaurants, swimming pools, kennels, catteries.





  • Kills Most Viruses & Bacteria  
  • Excellent Cleaning Action
  • Totally Safe, Non-Toxic
  • Concentrated
  • Contains Natural Plant Extracts
  • Biodegradable
  • For Periodic Routine Cleaning

Anti-Bacterial Floor Cleaning, with its truly Advanced Technology, provides excellent cleaning action, incorporating extremely Hi-levels of bacterial control, effective against MRSA, bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses with one simple application.  Safe for use anywhere.

Anti-Bacterial Floor Cleaning offers excellent periodic routine cleaning for almost any floor surface.  Safe on all natural and ceramic tiles, in the home, office, schools, factory, nurseries, hospitals, shops, restaurants, swimming pools, kennels, catteries.

Anti-Bacterial Floor Cleaner has rapid control for viruses such as, Feline Calici Virus, Noro Virus, and Bacteria to EN1276 Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcushirae, MRSA, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella enteritidis, Salmonella typhimurium, Salmonella choleraisuis, Listeria monocytogenes, Proteus vulgaris, Campylobacter jejuni, Serratia marcescens, Corynebacterium bovis, Rhodococcus equi.
Bacterial Spores EN 1276, Bacillus subtilis, Clostridium difficile Fungi EN 1650, Aspergillus niger (spores), Candida albicans


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